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A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of Psychedelics. We discuss how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.
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Oct 4, 2017
Download Psychedelic comedian, Shane Mauss, joins us on the show with Eric Osborne, Founder of MycoMeditations to talk about all things mushroom related, but also about an upcoming mushroom retreat in Jamaica (November 26th to December 5th).

Show Topics

  • Legal mushroom retreats in Jamaica.
  • Shane Mauss's experiences with psychedelics and mushrooms.
  • The difference of integrating ayahuasca vs. psilocybin
  • Shane's story about receiving help after a trip that was too good.
  • Shane's psychedelic comedy tour/work
  • Mystical states/experiences
  • Schedule/outline of the Jamaica retreat

MycoMeditations - Psychedelics Today Events

Listen to our interview with Eric Osborne here. 

Shane Mauss - Show Notes/Links

About Shane Mauss

Originally from Wisconsin, Shane Mauss caught his first break when he was awarded ‘Best Stand-Up” at The HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in 2007.  This led to his TV debut and first of five appearances on Conan. Since that time he’s been on Jimmy Kimmel, Showtime, has had a Comedy Central Presents, a Netflix special ‘Mating Season’, and most recently released album inspired by breaking both of his feet in a hiking mishap called ‘My Big Break’ which spent time at #1 on the comedy iTunes charts. Shane has also been getting a lot of attention as a popular guest on podcasts such as You Made It Weird, Bertcast, WTF, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, TOFOP, Crabfeast, Never Not Funny, Keith and The Girl and last year he started traveling around the country interviewing scientists about the meanings of life for his own podcast “Here We Are” which has a 5 star rating on iTunes.

About Eric Osborne, M.Ed.

A professional educator for seven years, Eric opened a gourmet mushroom farm Magnificent Mushrooms in Indiana in 2009 that has now become the Magnificent Mushrooms Podcast. He is also the first State recognized Wild Mushroom Expert in Indiana. Eric is coordinator and guide of MycoMeditations, a psilocybin retreat center in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Eric was motivated to organize PLEDG, as an advocacy group for therapeutic applications of psychedelic plants and to raise public awareness to the unsubstantiated scheduling of psychedelics and of their therapeutic benefits.'
Jan 18, 2017
View in iTunes Download Kyle and Joe talk to an anonymous MDMA therapist and relationship coach. He has been working with people while they use MDMA beginning in the early days while it was still legal and continues to facilitate work with people while it is prohibited. For his safety, his identity is kept anonymous. The insights here are wonderful and worth learning. Hopefully you will learn something here and it can be applied to future therapies once we hit the 2021 MAPS target date. Some interesting thoughts from the interview:
  • Transcending the parent-child relationship.
  • We are human beings that can be in good relationship with one another.
  • Do I feel safe? What does it mean to feel safe?
  • Appropriate dosages.
  • Intuitive approaches for engaging with the client \ patient.
  • Possible applications for group therapy.
Sep 22, 2016
Download Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist specializing in psychospiritual development. He is a popular speaker on drug policy reform, spiritual maturation, and the emergence of an integral society (a six-minute clip of his talk on the “Fusion of Spirit and Science” may be found at: and an author, most recently of Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development. Dr. Goldsmith has curated dozens of successful conferences and cross-disciplinary “meetings of minds” for corporations as well as the psychedelic community, including the Horizons and MAPS Psychedelic Science conferences. He is a founder of several discussion salons on integral philosophy, governance, media, postmodern science, healing, and the future of society. Trained in humanistic, transpersonal, and eastern traditions, Dr. Goldsmith maintains a (non-psychedelic) psychotherapy practice in New York and Sag Harbor, NY, and may be reached via his Web site:

Topics Discussed

  • What Neal's practice looks like
  • How Neal works with people who use psychedelics
  • Self with a small "s"
  • Aligning with one's Deeper self
    • Creating health
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Maturity - long term vs short term
  • Human history
    • Use of sacred technology to align with long term good
  • Psychedelic vs Psycholytic Approaches - Psychedelytic (combined)
  • Maturation and rites of passage
    • How do we transition to adulthood now?
  • How one can become involved with the field
    • Getting good grades, bringing good grants with you
  • MAPS
  • Erowid staff write ups
  • Future research with adept Buddhist monks
  • World religious leaders - research
  • We have to be mature with this process.
  • Comissions
  • Meetings with leaders
  • How to reintroduce back into society
  • 279 chems from Shulgin to research - Chemical Modeling
  • Autism research -UCLA - Alicia Danforth



Sep 11, 2016
Download Featuring Brian Normand, Co-Founder of Psymposia. Bio from Psymposia's site. 

Brian Normand is Co-Founder of Psymposia, greenthumb, and occasional trouble maker, focused on creating spaces and projects to teach people about plants and drugs.

He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BS in Plant, Soil, Insect Science, & Sustainable Horticulture, Magna Cum Laude. He lives in Baltimore.
In this interview, we discuss a lot, but here are some highlights.
  • Brian's introduction to psychedelic art.
    • Music and plants informing Brian's interest.
  • The genesis of Psymposia at a more academic conference.
  • The stuffiness of the academic world and it not being suitable for everyone.
    • Yet how important the academic work in top schools is.
      • Rick Doblin, David Nichols, Mithoffers and Grifiths and Dennis McKenna are individuals who prove how important it is to have top academic credentials.
  • The Psymposia Afterparty at this years Horizons: Perspective on Psychedelics Conference
    • This year's after party includes guest speakers such as Duncan Trussell and Rick Doblin.
  • The legal status of psychedelics in the USA and internationally.
    • Some loose discussion about Portugal.
  • Leveraging the globe for legal research on Psychedelics.
  • John C. Lily's LSD, Ketamine and float tank research.
  • How to get involved in Psychedelic work of different kinds.
  • Speculation on how to take advantage of different legal systems globally to move research forward.
  • Singing to the plants - Steve Beyer
If anyone would like to submit a story to the magazine at Psymposia you can do so by submitting your story to -- Take a list and let us know what you think! Brian Normand
Jul 19, 2016
This episode features Joe Moore, co-host of Psychedelics today. Joe was a student at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and is now working in the software industry as well as hosting a few podcasts and coordinating Transpersonal Breathwork workshops mostly in Breckenridge, Colorado. LINKS Dreamshadow - Holotropic Breathwork in Vermont CAPS PTSD scoring system VICE article on Tony Macie - MDMA\PTSDmt. silverheels with aspenglow (colorado)
Jun 3, 2016
Download Lex, Kyle and Joe discuss MAPS, Psymposia, Ibogaine, Mushrooms, Ketamine, LSD, Cannabis, and loads more. Lex is working on a book related to the supremely complex neurochemistry of cannabis. "Whales, Cannabis and Neurochemistry" Lex -- Aunt Zelda's Tea Farie Iboga Story Dimitri -- Nese -- Ketamine -- Bluebird Botanticals --  
May 15, 2016
Download Kyle and Joe get to talk with Elizabeth regarding her experience with MDMA assisted psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, and her work with Stan and Christina Grof in the Grof Transpersonal Training program. Elizabeth also discusses the importance of bodywork such as working with people who "aren't back" from their experience, doing breathwork/bodywork with other experienced facilitators, observation of bodywork, and the lack of bodywork in psychedelic psychotherapy. Elizabeth will be facilitating some Dream Work at her next Holotropic Breathwork workshop. Mentions Petra and Ken Sloan | Sandra Phocas Jack Kornfield Insight and Opening Retreats (for historical reference) Michael Mithoefer & Annie Mithoefer (2013) - YouTube
May 12, 2016
Download This is a continuation of our last episode with Lenny Gibson. In it we discuss psychedelics, Spring Grove Psychiatric Hospital, Holotropic Breathwork, Agency, and Philosophy. Let us know what you think.
May 11, 2016
Download Brett Greene is the co founder of Psymposia. Kyle and I talk to him about how Psymposia is different from events currently being put on and important for the psychedelic world. Story telling of people in the psychedelic world is just as important as doctors and academics giving presentations. Psymposia is having their busiest year yet. Check them out here to keep track of their upcoming events.